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A modern take on an iconic southwest symbol. Iron PONYSHOE with a fresh industrial powder coat finish.

Horseshoes as “crescent figured irons with nails” date back in written history as far as 910 AD and the Byzantine Empire. Over the centuries, as horseshoes have made the journey with man and beast through undiscovered lands - they have also become a superstitious symbol and a talisman for good luck.


INSPIRED BY CAST + CREW'S ORIGINAL HOME, MARFA, TX: A town that is occupied by artists and craftsman of all types. It’s a place where modern aesthetic and practice meets the traditions of the old wild west in a melting pot of creativity and invention. By powder coating our Lucky Ponyshoes, we change the symbol’s texture to produce a beautiful object that anyone can hang above their door or use in their shrine to accent their lives with a little more luck than they might have had before. Our PonyShoe is a our more minimal/modern take of the regular size horseshoe. In the magical west Texas desert we hang horseshoes above our doors with the crescent ends pointed up so they can catch any good luck that may be floating by in our big cloud and star exploding sky.


All orders include a canvas gift bag and two perfectly sized horseshoe nails to achieve a simple and sleek wall mount.