Cast + Crew is a curatory of OBJECTS brought together through the collaboration of designers and makers around the world. Our dream is to create & procure design that is ethical & gives back. Therefore, a portion of every sale is donated to a charity or non-profit of the designer’s choice. Please reach out if you are interested in joining the crew. we’re dying to collaborate with you for a greater cause.

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In 2014, we arrived at the same construction workshop at Arcosant, AZ; an experimental city & educational institute that focuses on architecture & ecology. We were each looking for a strange adventure and to learn some shit, so we traveled from opposite sides of the country to live in one of the most special & idiosyncratic places on earth.  birthdays a few days apart and Clad in very much the same wardrobe, Two kindred sisters were brought together. we both took positions in the metal shop and spent the summer learning to weld under the blazing desert sun. Many life adventures and years later. . .we decided to “get the band back together” and join forces in bringing Cast + Crew back to life. Cast + crew is brought to you by Lindsay Rodabaugh of NYC + Jøna Maaryn of Arcosanti, AZ.

image by  trey dillon

image by trey dillon


Cast + Crew, previously based in Marfa, Texas, was conceived on September 3, 2011 and began sales on October 26, 2011. I, Co-founder and Co-owner, Jøna Maaryn, a desert dweller with a knack for photography, art and design, joined forces with artist Cody Barber to create Cast + Crew.

In 2011, in the flat, dusty city of Lubbock, TX, Cody and I established and grew our online business by collecting, restoring and modifying iconic mid-century designs.

On October 11, 2013, we opened our first brick and mortar shop in the magical city of Marfa, TX. Cast + Crew thrived in Marfa, from 2013 - 2016, best known for our brightly colored curation of powdercoated found objects, chair designs and artwork. We were featured in many publications including VOGUE, NY TIMES, + HUFFINGTON POST. We were graced with the most lovely of tourists, regular visitors, friends and family from all over the world. A huge thanks to all of our loyal friends, followers and customers we gained from our time there.

In 2016, after 5+ years of creating together, Cody and I decided to embark upon different paths. Sometimes the course of life unexpectedly changes. Treasures are found and then treasures are lost. Those losses have reshaped us as stronger humans & stronger business owners.